The Tipton Children’s Home offers focused, long-term residential care with an emphasis on education, community activity and church life. We are a traditional group home in a rural setting for children 5-18 in need of a safe, nurturing place to live. Tipton kids have access to licensed counselors, medical services and caring house parents. Along with attending the Tipton Church of Christ our youth participate in school sports, 4-H and on-campus FFA program. Our well-established approach to child development, away from distractions and negative influences, has proven to prepare children for adulthood.

The mission of Tipton Children’s Home is to provide the highest quality of long-term residential childcare in the areas of spiritual instruction, nutrition, shelter, clothing, education and safety. The Tipton Children’s Home is made up of children ages 5-18, house parents and other staff. The purpose of Tipton Children’s Home is to provide a loving, Christian atmosphere where children can grow physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

If you know a child in need of a safe place to live and thrive, click here for an application for the Tipton Children’s Home.

There are no fees to the family or legal guardians for children placed at Tipton Children’s Home. Donations are accepted, but not required OR expected. Parents or legal guardians maintain their legal rights and give written consent for the child to be placed. It is our desire to help as many children as possible and to strengthen them and their families.