Tipton Children’s Home Campus

Going North from Tipton (the town) you will see the Director’s home. Built in 1946, many improvements have been made on the inside and outside to make this a modern and comfortable home for the Director and his family. See the whole campus from above via drone here (YouTube).

Tipton Children's Home

When you arrive at the south entrance (the first one going north from Tipton), you will notice the  white rail fence. To the left of that entrance is a small brick building that is a tornado safe room for the office staff. Since we live in a part of the country (southwest corner of Oklahoma) that is known as tornado alley, we have 8″ reinforced concrete safe rooms all around our campus. In 2001 we built each cottage a double carport that also houses a safe room, a storage room and a covered patio. The carports are located between cottages so that two cottages share the same facility.

We enjoy the mature pecan trees that we have around campus. They provide us shade on the hot days of summer and delicious pecans to harvest in the fall. A child friendly playground  is a hit with our little ones! We enjoy the gazebo located just east of the playground.

Tipton Childrens Home Campus


At the Tipton Children’s Home Homecoming of 2002, our second  new cottage was opened and was named in honor and memory of Byron Fullerton. Brother Fullerton served for nine years during the 1950’s as Superintendent of Tipton Children’s Home.


In 1955, the senior girls dormitory was built with funds furnished by the J. E. and L. E. Mabee Foundation of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  It was named the Nosegay Cottage. Additions and improvements to the cottage were completed in 2002.  In 2014 the name was changed to Hawkins Cottage in memory of Anne Hawkins.


The Davis Cottage was built where the Polly Cottage was located. In 2000, the cottage was named for Charles and Annetta Davis. Mr. and Mrs. Davis came to Tipton Home in 1967. They served as house parents for 21 years.


In 1999, Putnam Place was named in honor and memory of longtime Tipton Home Superintendent Mr. T. N. Putnam and his wife, Elaine. Their son, Mr. Larry Putnam, was a long time staff member of The Tipton Children’s Home. After 30 years with The Tipton Home, he retired in December, 2007.


The first Superintendent of Tipton Home was R. E. Chitwood. Mr. Chitwood said in his last article of the Messenger, “When Mrs. Chitwood and I came to the Home twenty years ago for what we understood was to be two weeks duration, there were only 80 children living in the vast shell of the then-unfinished main building.” During the twenty years spanning the 20’s and 30’s, Mr. and Mrs. Chitwood saw 1300 children come into the Home.


With the donation of Dr. and Mrs. S. J. Hamm of Haskell, Oklahoma, a boys’ cottage was built in 1955. The rooms were arranged for two boys in each room and two rooms share a bath. Improvements and additions to the house were completed in 2002.


The Smith House was named in honor of Clayton & Irene Smith. 1988 marked 35 years of service to The Tipton Children’s Home by The Smith’s.

Tipton Children's Home