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Tipton Children’s Home Provides Safe Place For At-Risk Youth

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Budget cuts, under-staffing and other bureaucratic issues have made it nearly impossible for the State of Oklahoma to best care for the at-risk youth population. Stress, economic issues and domestic violence prevent some parents from being able to care properly for their children. These kids need a safe place to live and thrive, but the overloaded social services system cannot provide this. The Tipton Children’s Home is that safe place.

Founded in 1924, The Tipton Children’s Home mission is to raise children 5-18 in the healthy and stable environment of rural SW Oklahoma. The Tipton Children’s Home offers focused, long-term residential care with emphasis on education, community activity and church life for children whose parents can no longer care for them.

There are no fees to the family or legal guardians for children placed at Tipton Children’s Home. Donations are accepted, but not required or expected. Parents or legal guardians maintain their legal rights and give written consent for the child to be placed.

An alternative to state-run foster programs (DHS in Oklahoma, CPS in Texas), The Tipton Children’s Home takes in children through private referrals by parents or legal guardians only. Tipton Children’s Home is licensed by the State of Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) but does not accept State funding. They do not accept children already in State custody. The Tipton Children’s Home is totally supported through donations by community organizations, churches and individuals.

Tipton kids have access to licensed counselors, medical services and caring house parents. Along with attending the Tipton Church of Christ, youth participate in school sports, 4-H and on-campus FFA program. This well established approach to child development, away from distractions and negative influences, has proven to prepare children for adulthood.

The Tipton Children’s Home has a track record of success preparing youth with seemingly limited futures to make something of themselves. In return, those youths come back to the Tipton Children’s Home as alumni, volunteers, donors, mentors and role models.

Tipton Children’s Home programs (in part) consist of:

  • Long-term residential group care designed for preparing children (up to age 18) for adulthood
  • Family-style living with permanent houseparents up to 8 children (7 separate cottages for boys and girls)
  • Licensed individual, group and family counseling aimed at reducing the emotional duress in each child while helping them improving relationships, emotions and self-esteem
  • Tipton public school K-12 attendance with educational remediation and tutoring focused on college and career preparation
  • Tipton Church of Christ church services and church-related activities
  • Boys and girls can participate in Tipton school athletics, student council, drama, newspaper, yearbook and academic teams
  • Space and funding of 4-H and on-site FFA program livestock for residents
  • Staff is available for continued support of youth after they have left residential care

The staff, board and volunteers of the Tipton Children’s Home are experts in the area of long-term residential childcare, DHS, alternative housing and other issues facing today’s youth in perilous situations.

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