Alumni News 1/16

I know you won’t be expecting your Tipton Children’s Home Messenger this early, but I have always felt change is good. It is different for me to get my mind set for it also. It is winter here in Tipton, Oklahoma and we have just been through several days of no power due to high winds and ice storms. Everyone made it okay, and all of our children are back in school busy as usual. I am sure many of you have experienced the same bad weather also. Hope everyone is doing ok.

At this time I am going to put a reminder of Homecoming at Tipton Children’s Home in this news report. Homecoming comes a little early this year. It will be on Saturday March 26, 2016 in the Tipton Home cafeteria. There will be a reception at the Tipton church of Christ Fellowship building on Friday evening, March 25. I will follow-up with a letter to you in a few weeks with the time schedule of everything. We are starting our plans and preparation for another great and fun Homecoming. You don’t want to miss it. We will be looking for all that can come this year.

Deceased: We have lost some of our special people that I need to report on.

Carroll Gregory passed away September 3, 2015. Carroll had been sick for a while. He and his lovely wife, Wanda, came to work several years ago as houseparents in the Davis Cottage. They are loved by many sweet girls they have raised. Our sympathy and prayers go out to Wanda and her family.

Just as we were in the middle of the bad ice storm we got word of one of the girls we had in our cottage, Angela Lee (Jones) Smith, who unexpectedly passed away on December 26th, 2016. Angie came to Tipton Children’s Home on May 28, 1971 along with her younger sisters, Donna and Jennifer and her brother Timmy. She graduated from Tipton High School on May 21, 1981. She leaves her sweet daughter Cassandra (Cassie) who will need lots of love and encouragement.

Our hearts were very saddened to get this news. Former employee, Elton VanScoder’s wife passed away on December 6, 2015. We extend our love and sympathy to all the families of their loved ones.

Wishing everyone a very happy and good year in what is now 2016. Remember our children in your prayers. We appreciate all of you.