Endurance – A Poem by Justin Barton

Justin is a sophomore at Tipton Public Schools. He is 16 years old and came to us last summer. Justin is creative. He enjoys the arts and loves playing the piano. He lives in the Hamm House with 5 other boys and his houseparents, Tony and Gabbi Chitwood.

On this day we cluster to support,
To remember, to mourn those lost at the Fort.

For right here, right now, we’ve lost some,
But remember they wanted what we now have,
What we’ve become.

For the gifts of life, liberty and freedom,
Once denied now caused a nation to grow in stride.

So fear not; ‘twas not in vain,
The sacrifices they gave for us to gain.

Remember the Love they had for their country
Remember their sacrifices, Let freedom ring!

Their war twice fought was therefore not simple,
Not vain, not pure emotion, not without thought.

Our proof through the night, still there
Tattered and torn, rugged and worn,
But Still waving in the air.