Christmas Letter, 2018

December 16, 2018by Tipton Staff

Christmas Letter, 2017

December 16, 2017by Tipton Staff

Letter From The Director 1/16

January 28, 2016by Joe Waugh

Tipton Children’s Home is a non-profit organization. We rely on your many gifts of money, groceries, clothing and even handmade quilts. I realize that most of the people receiving the Messenger know what we are and what we do. Our concerns are usually centered around the material donations and the effect they will have on…

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Tipton Children’s Home Helps Over 4,000 Kids

January 28, 2016by Tipton Staff

Because of your help, Tipton Children’s Home has reached another milestone … over 4000 children have been helped since 1924. We pray that we helped them in a way that they were able to leave here and lead other souls to Christ. Your help is our biggest asset. Please continue to remember us in your…

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Support Tipton Children’s Home with Change Cans

January 28, 2016by Tipton Staff

Tipton Children’s Home has change cans available for you to fill and return to us. The change cans are good for donors of all ages to participate in helping Tipton Home. The money is used to help the children in the activities they are involved in or for special trips the children take. If you,…

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Children’s Homes Bless Many

October 18, 2015by Tipton Staff

According to an internet source, there are about fifty homes for children operated in the United States by members of churches of Christ. As one might expect, Texas and Tennessee have the most. These homes provide a wide range of services including care for orphans and those from broken homes, those who need a home…

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