1. What is The Tipton Children’s Home? – The Tipton Children’s Home is a non-profit group residential home for children.

2. What does Group Residential mean? – Group residential is a group of residential homes, or in our case, “cottages” that work within an organized process to raise children.

3. How many children can you serve? – We are licensed by the state of Oklahoma to care for up to 56 children.

4. What ages of children do you take? – The Tipton Children’s Home provides care for school age children (5 through 18). We can take a younger child if they have an older sibling who is a resident here.

5. What type of children do you take? – We provide care for children who:

  • are orphaned or their parents are ill
  • are in need of supervision
  • have been abandoned, abused, or neglected

6. Are there children that you are not able to serve? – Generally, violent children need a different kind of treatment facility. We are not a rehabilitation center for delinquents, or a treatment center for children who have severe emotional disorders, substance abuse problems, or mental retardation. These children need specialized care that The Tipton Children’s Home is not equipped to provide. The Tipton Children’sHome does provide referral information for these children.

7. Are the children required to attend church? – All children and staff attend the Tipton Church of Christ. The children are encouraged to participate in all youth activities.

8. Are the children allowed to participate in school activities? – The children are encouraged to be active in school activities:

  • FFA
  • 4-H
  • drama
  • spirit
  • sports
  • academic teams

9. How is The Tipton Children’s Home funded? – The Tipton Children’s Home is supported by the churches of Christ and Christian friends nationwide. The Tipton Children’s Home does not receive state funding.

10. Who controls The Tipton Children’s Home? – The Tipton Children’s Home is under the oversight of the elders of the Tipton Church of Christ who serve as the Board of Directors.

11. How do I place a child in The Tipton Children’s Home? – Contact The Tipton Children’s Home office. Please have as much information about the child. Some of the information that will be needed:

  • Child’s full name
  • Parent / Guardians name
  • Child’s date of birth
  • What is the current situation / reasons for placement
  • Your association with the child or family