Help Children

If you know a child in need of a safe place to live and thrive, please contact the Tipton Children’s Home staff for an application.

There are no fees to the family or legal guardians for children placed at Tipton Children’s Home. Donations are accepted, but not required OR expected. Parents or legal guardians maintain their legal rights and give written consent for the child to be placed. It is our desire to help as many children as possible and to strengthen them and their families.

Who can be placed at Tipton Children’s Home?

  • Any child 5 – 17 years old can be considered for placement regardless of sex, race or religion
  • Younger children are considered when keeping a family group together
  • Children who are orphaned
  • Children who are in need of supervision
  • Children who have been abandoned, abused, or neglected
  • Children who have parents/caregivers that are ill or otherwise unable to take care of them
  • Children who agree to live by the rules and standards of the Tipton Children’s Home
Are there children that you are not able to serve?
  • Violent children need a different kind of treatment facility
  • We are not a rehabilitation center for delinquents
  • We are not a treatment center for children who have severe emotional disorders, substance abuse problems or mental retardation
  • These children need specialized care that Tipton Children’s Home is not equipped to provide.
  • We provide referral information for children in these types of cases.
How are children in need placed at Tipton Children’s Home
  • Initial phone referrals come from parents, grandparents, guardians, preachers, friends, teachers, caseworkers or anyone who knows a child in need of a stable and structured environment in which to live
  • An intake counselor gathers information relevant to placement such as age and sex of child, current living situation, any medications the child is taking, any problems at school or home or with the law
  • A written application from our website and school records are sent to the intake counselor
  • An in-person visit is made with the child and family/caregiver
  • Placement is made if acceptable to all parties