Children’s Homes Bless Many

According to an internet source, there are about fifty homes for children operated in the United States by members of churches of Christ. As one might expect, Texas and Tennessee have the most. These homes provide a wide range of services including care for orphans and those from broken homes, those who need a home because their situation has become unlivable because of drugs, alcohol, or other circumstances. Some of these homes also help with placement in foster care. Other groups specialize in helping to place children of un-wed mothers or finding homes for those children whose home situation requires that they be placed elsewhere. All of these homes and services are a help to the Lord’s kingdom because they both exhibit our desire to love our neighbors but also teach those youth they serve about the gospel. They are certainly worthy of our support.

In the exhibit space of our Oklahoma Christian Lectureship, I found materials from five of these homes which encouraged me. I am glad to know that among our brotherhood we are making special efforts to care for these needy children and to provide them with, not only their physical, educational, emotional, and behavioral needs but, most of all, their spiritual needs. Three of those homes represented were from Oklahoma.

Another Oklahoma home is at Tipton where they provides “a loving, secure, environment” for children whose families can no longer care for them.  Children who come are from ages five through seventeen and are orphaned, in need of supervision, or have been abandoned, abused, or neglected.  The children stay in a cottage with a set of house parents and with six to eight children per cottage.

originally posted by: Stafford North | October 14, 2014 – Full Article Here